About Us

Your go-to boutique dressing you for wherever life is taking you today!

For decades we have been in the business of making people look their best. If we have learned anything in that time, it's that every person we style is unique with varying lifestyles, backgrounds and tastes that represents the fabric of their lives. If you look closely enough, you can see their story woven in that fabric. With that in mind, we shop the fashion industry to bring you a variety of options that will outfit your life and the story that it tells. Our goal is that as you go about your day styled, dressed, and feeling your best so that you can proudly recommend Yeah, THAT Boutique.


For my entire life I have been addicted to the fashion/beauty industry. My first job was working in a department store. When I chose my long term career path, it was in the beauty industry as a hair stylist and salon owner. After more than 20 years in the business, I knew I wanted to focus on the whole person. I wanted to make people look and feel amazing from head to toe. So, it was then we decided to branch out and start Yeah, That Boutique.

I have always said, “I’m the creative one.” I have no interest in charts and graphs and figuring out the finances...so my husband, who has always supported my dreams, is our finance and IT guy and tries to “keep me straight!”

To round out the crew is our daughter Sophia. Thankfully, she is a mix of both of us. She loves making a spread sheet and analyzing charts and graphs. From as early as she could walk, Sophia has had a love for clothes and shoes and has had a strong opinion to go with it! Together we are scouring the fashion industry for the greatest brands to bring to our customers.

The 3 of us are happily in this together and can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. That’s our story! We hope you will love what we bring...and that you will choose us to help dress you for wherever life is taking you today!